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IoT, Mobile Computing, and always on applications are growing in healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, retail, logistics, and energy sectors. Advances in cellular data networks are converging with these demands. Mature 4G LTE networks are ubiquitous and low latency, high throughput 5G is on the horizon. The time is right to deliver always on data customized to your customer’s critical functions.

ScanSource’s cellular activation program, Hot Wireless, is designed to ensure that cellular capable devices are properly activated when they arrive, reducing wasted bench time and frustrating carrier interactions. Furthermore, ongoing plans are selectable from an online portal right sized for your customer’s needs. Don’t miss out on delivering the full solution your customers demand.


Need help on where to start?

Adding cellular services is easy:

  • Contact your account team to ensure your devices are shipped Hot!
  • They will guide you through compatible suppliers and options to provide a fully active device.


Know where you’re going?

The process is simple:

  • Add Kickstart plans to any order with compatible cellular devices.
  • Allow your customer to choose the ongoing data plan, rightsized for their needs.
  • Earn recurring commissions on active plans.

Easy and Important.

Today, market pressure requires that your customer experience is above average.
Delivering a partial solution forces the customer to figure out
complex processes on their own delaying the use of the device.

Ready to sell
the complete solution

It’s easy to get started with providing cellular data services. Simply ask your account team to add Hot Wireless services.

Go further and earn Recurring Commissions

If recurring commissions are important to your business model, sign up to earn recurring revenue from cellular services through Intelisys.